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What Are They Doing Now?

Now that the boys have taken a little touring break, one might wonder what they're currently up to. Straight from the mouth of Merck (that is, his computer), a bit of fill-in:

"All work and no play makes Jack (or Rob, Brian, Neil and Dave in this case) a dull boy as they say. When not working on songs Rob is probably working on his car/cars and splitting his time between Suffolk and London. Brian is probably taking apart something electrical that wasn't meant to be taken apart or hanging out with Jack Futter who must be 5 now and in his first year of proper school. Brian lives like a Welshman now, surprisingly enough in Wales.

  Neil has turned into a loop fanatic this year and has been supplying an endless stream to Rob & Brian for their consideration. He's firmly ensconced in Norfolk where Finn Sims is teaching him to hold his drink.

  Dave's the practicing skeptic in the band living in Ashtabula which for most of us is something we'd only ever heard of on Bob Dylan's Blood On The Tracks album. That is until reference was made to it on a recent episode of Sabrina The Teenage Witch."