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The Catherine What?!

L-R: Neil Sims, Brian Futter, Rob Dickinson, Dave Hawes.

By now some of you may be wondering, "Who are these guys? Why haven't I heard of them? And why did this person make a site for them?" I think I'll go through these one by one.

Q: Who are these guys?
A: The Catherine Wheel is a band that originates from Great Yarmouth in the UK. They have been compared to bands such as Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Pink Floyd, and, more recently, Radiohead. CW consists of: Brian Futter (guitar); Rob Dickinson (vocals, guitar); Dave Hawes (bass); and Neil Sims (drums, percussion). They have released four albums and one B-side compilation album.

1992 brought us Ferment, which introduced the world to their one of a kind, metal-ish yet still shoegazy rock. The single, 'Black Metallic', got some attention from radio and Mtv.

In 1993 was Chrome, a somewhat deeper album that expirimented with different sounds, from the upbeat, almost pop-ish 'Show Me Mary' to the bizzare and lingering 'Fripp'. Though it was not as successful in sales, it took in many fans.

In 1995 came Happy Days, a reasonably harder album that pokes fun at the belief that childhood was a carefree, pleasant time. On it, Rob does a duet with Belly singer Tanya Donelly on 'Judy Staring at the Sun."

1996 was the year of Like Cats and Dogs, Catherine Wheel's B-sides compilation album. This was certainly a mix. LCAD included a slightly different version of HD's 'Heal' entitled 'Heal 2' and a magnificent cover of Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here."

Finally, (for now!) in 1997 came Adam and Eve, which made many critics' Top 10 lists and was probably the most praised. It combined the hard, rocking noise of HD with a strange, mellow sound and prominent melodies that stay with you long afterward.

Q: Why haven't I heard of them?
A: They aren't exactly mainstream. While the fan following is strong, and boy, are we devoted, they aren't so common as being well-known. CW is perhaps one of rock's "best-kept secrets."

Q: Why has this person made a site about them?
A: Quite simply, I find the Catherine Wheel to be an amazing, inspiring band that words can barely describe. I decided that I could at least put up a website in their honor for others who feel this way, and maybe recruit some more fans (lots of audio, mind you.)
Have fun...